Re: work on url for television started

From: Simon Gibbs (
Date: Thu, Oct 15 1998

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:00:09 -0700
From: Simon Gibbs <>
To: Larry Masinter <>,
CC: Philipp Hoschka <>, Rodger Lea <>
Subject: Re: work on url for television started

Larry Masinter wrote:

> As with all standards efforts when you think you're going in
> circles, it's very useful to try to define goals and requirements.
> What are the goals you're trying to achieve with a "tv" URL
> scheme? What are the technical requirements of such a scheme?
> What are some scenarios for use? These things have not been
> clear in the "tv" work.

I fully agree that we should get some kind of mission
statement which scopes out our goals for tv URLs and
then build up a set of scenarios and requirements.

As input to this process consider the following...

DTV receivers, in addition to tuning and displaying broadcast
signals, are likely to receive content from other devices in the
home. For example a digital cable set-top box may have a
"pass-through" IEEE 1394 connection to an ATSC receiver for
high-def decoding. The same network connection can also be used
to receive digital video streams from other devices in the
home. Just as existing URLs can refer to local and remote
objects, so perhaps we should allow tv URLs to refer to local
and remote sources.

Simon Gibbs
Sony DSL