RE: work on url for television started

The primary objections to the previous proposal for the "tv:"
URL scheme is that the proposed scheme didn't meet the fundamental
definition of URLs, namely that it was "uniform".

The concern is that two different viewers who are using the
same URL should get the same "resource", even if they're in
different parts of the world. If that's not the case, then you
don't have a URL scheme. Maybe HREFs in HTML pages need to be
things other than URLs, too. 

As with all standards efforts when you think you're going in
circles, it's very useful to try to define goals and requirements.
What are the goals you're trying to achieve with a "tv" URL
scheme? What are the technical requirements of such a scheme?
What are some scenarios for use? These things have not been
clear in the "tv" work.

Back away from the existing proposals long enough to write
up something that is independent of the proposal.

> the goal is to move this to the ietf once it's "done",
> the problem is when to declare it "done" - we will probably
> have to do a W3C working group to have a consensus building
> group, so that we can go to IETF and say "people agreed on this,
> please consider it as a standard" without having a WG there

This is a non-goal, or a process goal. Why do you care whether
there's an IETF working group or not? Is this a turf battle,
or do you just want to get done quickly?

What about those who want "radio:"? Do they need to form their
own group? What about multicast video sessions vs. TV sessions?
Are these the same or different? doesn't seem to address goals and
requirements at this level.

Larry (not a member of

Received on Thursday, 15 October 1998 02:28:29 UTC