AW: DTV and ATSC URL proposal from GI

I think you should add something like <size> and <arrival>
To build content it's important to know how long it will take untill the content arrives and what time-slit will be occupied by the content size. Depending on <size> and <arrival> dramaturgical intentions can be handled.
MPEG has some content relevant informations: at the end of the file !
For live -action and authoring wich such information, the information must be available in advance, like metadata tags.
What for do you use the word carousel ? Kind a mechanical database ?


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Philipp asked me to resend this in a text format for easier commenting so
here it is.


Source: General Instrument

URL References for Broadcast DTV Objects
HTML pages that are placed into a data carousel in a broadcast multiplex may
include hypertext links.  When used on the Internet, the HREF attribute
within a hypertext anchor (A) element identifies the target object of the
link in the form of a Uniform Resource Locator.  When a page is broadcast,
however, the receiver may or may not have access to a network or to the
Internet.  For those cases where the target object is present on the same or
another broadcast data carousel, an alternative form for the URL is

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