RE: work on url for television started

> As input to this process consider the following...
> DTV receivers, in addition to tuning and displaying broadcast
> signals, are likely to receive content from other devices in the
> home. For example a digital cable set-top box may have a
> "pass-through" IEEE 1394 connection to an ATSC receiver for
> high-def decoding. The same network connection can also be used
> to receive digital video streams from other devices in the
> home. Just as existing URLs can refer to local and remote
> objects, so perhaps we should allow tv URLs to refer to local
> and remote sources.

As written, this isn't very compelling. Perhaps we should, perhaps
we shouldn't. You've set the context, but not really described
the problem you're trying to solve.  Yes, here's a device with
a lot of capabilities. So what's the problem?


Received on Friday, 16 October 1998 02:54:03 UTC