SDPML - Simple Divorced Presentation ML - prototype is ready for evaluation.


the SDPML prototype is now complete and I welcome any comments and

project page is
working prototype is
documentation is at

SDPML is a new way of coding web pages that separates Data from Presentation
in HTML. SDPML frees your application server to get on with processing data
and empowers your web browser to be more than just a dumb terminal. Sure you
could do this in XML and XSLT - if you had the time to learn the intricacies
of XSLT.

SDPML is different, standard HTML editing tools can be used to create the
templates and
simple well XML is used to represent data.

SDPML is in its early days and with help we can make the web faster and more

SDPML is based on code licensed from (Paglis
under the terms of OSI certified Open Source Artistic License
Copyright 2005 Paglis Software. All Rights Reserved.

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