Re: Help with fixed columns...

Some how I feel it is possible by using some funky CSS.
I do have a site where a similar functionality is accomplished, it uses XML
and XSLT.
Its kind of complex to integrate XML/XSLT into my current application, so I
was trying to find a simpler solution.
Here is the site...


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> > What I need is...
> > There are like 10 columns in a HTML table. I need to have the first 2
> > columns locked (not scrolling) but have the rest of the 8 columns scroll
> > horizontally.
> Do you mean like the window that contains the HTML table has a scrollbar
> when the user scrolls it the first two columns does not scroll? Don't
> that is possible.
> You might be able to use frames (or iframes) to isolate one portion of the
> table, but frames are complex and have problems in general with usability.

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