fragments, querystrings, and IE5

I have an HTML page with anchors that link to a server-side
script that produces a very long form. The URL for the target
script includes a querystring and a fragment identifier, e.g.:

   <a href="addstuff.asp?ID=999#name">Add items</a>

This works inasmuch as the target page is displayed at the
correct position in the form.

Within the form are anchors with URLs containing ONLY fragment
identifiers, e.g:

   <div><a href="#top"><img src="toparrow"></a></div>

The problem is that IE5 loses the "#" in the fragment URL, so
that the URL that IE5 links to when the anchor is clicked on
looks like this:

This causes the page to be reloaded, and the ID number plus
any changes made to the form are lost.

Is there something 'illegal' about what I'm doing or is this
simply an IE5 bug?

David Perrell

Received on Thursday, 4 November 1999 15:03:38 UTC