Re: zhtml

> Hi !
> New proekt include on HTML. ( New or old ? )

Not a good idea.  HTML is not the proper vehicle to do this.
What if you want to compress flat text?
> All html files compressed and no seek for user
> Speed download to UP .
> Examples : files.html
> ----------------------
> <ZIP>
> .......compressed data.........
> </ZIP>

You mean, every time you want to send compressed data, you need to wrap it
in HTML?  And what is the browser supposed to do with the uncompressed data?

There is a mechanism in place (the Content-encoding HTTP header) that
allows you have documents uncompressed by the browser transparently.
Try compressing your existing HTML files on your existing HTTP server
and viewing them with yopur existing browser; chances are that it works


Received on Wednesday, 3 November 1999 09:52:11 UTC