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Thanks for your message:

> I found your draft page...

Current is
but the differences are very slight and do not impact any implementation 
issues or described behaviors.

>... Let me ask you if you have code sample for FORM ACTION="_URL_"

Please use
which calls a debugging cgi script to test implementation.

If my ISP was somewhat less expensive, I would put up a simple front 
end to "sox" (the C program converting to and from WAV, AU, AIFF, 
etc.) to do type conversions for immediate play-back.  If you would 
like the source for that, let me know, but you could build one with 
Lincoln Stein's and the sox(1) program and manpage probably 
in less time than it would take for me to put the code in to the 
commented quality I would prefer to publish.

Please keep me informed of progress on implementation.  If you are 
working on the Mozilla code, please see my posts to the public 
Mozilla newsgroups, most recently news:netscape.public.mozilla.general
which describe the only known working version, and the points 
patched to achieve it.  (N.B: in the base implementation "DEVICE=MIC" 
is implied when the filename is "/dev/L16-audio" but that is NOT 
part of the draft and I'm not going to release it because of that 
and the fact that recording is started and stopped in a most 
unlikely manner, using spare keys on the -- ugh! -- keyboard :-)

James Salsman

Received on Friday, 24 July 1998 13:06:37 UTC