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Harold A. Driscoll wrote:
> Much more creditable references would be the current URL specification
> (check the RFC index for number) and the Internet-Draft library for the
> proposed enhancements to the mailto scheme.
> My recollection is that links or copies of both documents are available at
> the W3C site, likely in one of the technical documents areas.



     Electronic mail address
     "The mailto URL scheme", P. Hoffman, L. Masinter, J. Zawinski, 02
Jan 1998.
     (updates URL RFC) 

(oops! draft 4 is gone... it's now draft 5:)

If the caveats Harold mentioned aren't sufficiently documented
in those specs, please notify the editors.

Dan Connolly

Received on Saturday, 4 July 1998 12:52:27 UTC