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>HTML Hot Tip: Undocumented Mailto URL Extensions

Alas, that document contains a number of serious errors and presents bad
(broken HTML) examples.

Much more creditable references would be the current URL specification
(check the RFC index for number) and the Internet-Draft library for the
proposed enhancements to the mailto scheme.

My recollection is that links or copies of both documents are available at
the W3C site, likely in one of the technical documents areas.


ps. Missing from the note, one might reasonably expect, is the warning that
use of what is described will not only fail for users of other browsers,
particularly those which are fully compliant with the original
specification, but that the failure is both unknown to the site author and
likely to result in an email bounce message which could be cryptic and
delayed and befuddling for the site visitor.

pps. It is also not true (as the AOL page alleged) that such capabilities
are "undocumented" by the browser vendors, but nether would I suggest that
they are either well nor always accurately documented.

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