Re: Will Strange Patents Squash the Internet?

Clift: the concert is good, BUT.
There are patents on most of the common Radio and TV circuits in use today.
Patents on X2 and 56K modem design. Still we have free speech.  I am sure
there are parents on most paper printing equipment also.  Why should
technology that may be of use to many (Internet) be different.  AS fast as
a Draft RFC becomes public, in most cases its Intellectual Property also
becomes public domain.  If anyone has a product, concept or solution that
they want the World ( or at least the USA ) to have free rights to , just

Of course these thoughts are mine, not my employers, and now public domain.
G.K. (The Power is in the Packet) "TDK"

Received on Wednesday, 8 October 1997 00:52:36 UTC