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Call for Articles
        A Special Issue of Information Processing & Management
                Information Retrieval with Asian Languages

Interest is growing in effective and efficient retrieval of relevant
from large unstructured databases.  Research in information retrieval
(IR) has 
expanded its scope widely with advances in related areas such as natural
processing, machine learning, and man-machine interactions.  Especially
with the 
explosion of information in the World Wide Web, the need for information
and related functions has become ubiquitos regardless of languages and
This special issue will be devoted to research and development in
retrieval with Asian languages. Suggested topics include, but are not
limited to:

- retrieval or routing of texts at variouls levels of granularity
- cross-language text retrieval
- automated text categorization
- infomation extraction
- automatic text summarization (including automatic abstracting)
- use of machine readable dictionaries and/or thesauri
- language- or task-specific user interfaces for IR-related systems
- various natural language processing techqniques for IR-related tasks

Interested authors should submit five copies of their articles by
December 15, 
1997, to:

        Prof. Sung H. Myaeng
        Dept. of Computer Science                       
        Chungnam National University            Phone: +82-42-821-5446
        Yusong-ku, Taejon 305-764                       Fax:
        Korea                                   E-mail:
- The tentative publication date is August, 1988.
- Papers not submitted to and accepted by other journak will be
considered for 
  publication. However papers already presented at a conference or
workshop are 
  acceptable only if they are additionally updated. Revised, or
- Length: The final article should be about 8-10 typeset pages
  20-25 typed, double-spaced, pages).

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