Re: Draft minutes for TAG weekly 20 Dec 2005

/ "Roy T. Fielding" <> was heard to say:
|    Issue NamespaceState-48
|     DC: It says that the terms *are* two-part identifiers, whereas in  RDF
| the
|     terms are defined to be a single identifier (a URI)
|     ... so at least a subset of namespace terms use single-part  identifiers
|     DC: should we just remove the sentence or actually say what we  want to
| say
|     in the document?
|     <ht> I only find the following of relevance: "Good practice:  QName
| Mapping
|     <ht> A specification in which QNames serve as resource  identifiers MUST
|     provide a mapping to URIs.
|     <ht>
|     VQ: inclined not to make a decision without Norm, let's defer  this and
|     move on
|    Issue namespaceDocument-8
|     VQ: also requires Norm, let's defer this and move on

Based on the discussion for which I was present and on my reading of
the minutes, I propose the following change to the objectionable
paragraph in namespaceState-48:

   An XML namespace has a namespace name (a URI) and a set of local
   names (NCNames as defined in [XML Namespaces]). Using a URI
   leverages the well-understood URI allocation mechanisms of [WebArch
   Vol 1]. [XML Namespaces] defines a syntactic shorthand for the
   combination of a namespace name and a local name, the qualified
   name, or QName. (Note that languages which use QNames as
   identifiers are required to provide a mapping from QNames to URIs.)

I think we might achieve consensus on that text.

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