Re: Associating Resources with Namespaces (2005-12-13)

/ was heard to say:
| I think this is much improved and as far as I'm concerned is ready for 
| publication.  I did note the following two nits:
| ----------------------
|> A user, encountering a namespace might want to find any or all of these 
| related resources.
| I don't think you want the comma after "user".


| The diagrams refers to "Norm. Reference"s.  I think that should be spelled 
| out, in part because it's generally clearer, and in part because your name 
| happens to be "Norm" and you are known to have some involvement with 
| Docbook. This could on first reading be taken as "Norman's Reference", 
| which was not intended. :-)  You do clarify in the prose, but I think that 
| expanding in the diagrams might be worthwhile if space isn't a problem.

Ok. I shortened them to make the pictures more attractive, but they look
ok expanded so that's what I'll do.

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