The nature of XML Namespaces: Do they have "terms" == "two-part names"?

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This paragraph in [1] has provoked some pushback:

  "The terms in a namespace are two-part identifiers consisting of a
   namespace name (a URI) and a local name (an NCName as defined in
   [XML Namespaces]). Using a URI leverages the well-understood URI
   allocation mechanisms of [WebArch Vol 1]."

The Namespace REC [2] itself defines an *XML Namespace* as

   "An *XML namespace* is a collection of names, identified by a URI
    reference" [which is later given the name *namespace name*]

Accordingly I propose we change the paragraph in question to read:

  "An XML Namespace is a collection of local names (each an NCName as
   defined in [XML Namespaces]) identified by a namespace name (a
   URI).  Using URIs to identify namespaces leverages the
   well-understood URI allocation mechanisms of [WebArch Vol 1]."

If we think we should also refer to the issue of mapping to URIs, I
would suggest something along the lines of

   Insofar as the local names in a namespace are themselves intended
   to serve as resource identifiers, [Good practice: QName Mapping]
   requires the owner of the namespace to provide a mapping from its
   local names to URIs.


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