Re: Agenda of 3 January 2006 TAG teleconference

> Dan Connolly wrote:
> > [David Baron wrote:]
> > I think the answer to this question is no, since the current last call
> > documents deal only with combining documents by reference.
> That's the impression I'm getting from other sources too.
> So this item should be quick.

You're probably right.  Then again, I think there's a point of view that 
even when the piece parts are combined by reference, the overall semantic 
of the document results from the combination, just as it does when 
combining by nesting (inclusion).  As I understand it, CDF is on a path to 
saying that event propagation, layout, etc. are essentially the same in 
the two cases.   That symmetry gives me some pause.

I think both points of view have merit, but perhaps it's worth just a bit 
of discussion before concluding that the CDF 'by reference' work has no 
bearing on the TAG issue.  I'm not quite sure where I personally would 
draw the line.


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