Re: RDDL natures: for the record

Dan Connolly wrote:

> Maybe I can approach the question differently: what's the full
> URI of RDDL's nature property?

You seem to be coming from an RDF space I stopped paying attention to 
years ago, so I'm pretty sure I don't understand the background for your 
questions or comments. I don't mean to say that you're wrong by any 
means; just that I honestly don't understand why these things seem at 
all important to you.

As far as I've noticed:

1. RDDL's nature property has never been treated as or considered to be 
a resource.

2. Consequently, nobody has ever bothered to assign a URL to it.

3. I don't see what benefit would be achieved by defining it as a 
resource and assigning a URL to it.

At least that what it looks like from where I'm sitting. You're sitting 
in a different place, and probably using different tools so you may well 
see something I don't. However everything I've ever needed to do with 
RDDL or thought of maybe one day doing with it is perfectly well served 
by the current setup, without needing a URI for "RDDL's nature 
property". It never occurred to me to ask for one, and I'm not sure what 
I would do with it if I had one.

I can think of a lot of fun and useful things to do with the text and 
markup of actual RDDL documents, but URIs for nature properties just 
don't enter into that.

I am assuming here there's a distinction between the URI for RDDL's 
nature property and the URIs of particular RDDL natures. Did I read you 
right about that?

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