Re: Very rough draft of outline for TAG submssion to Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing

Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:

> Not everything can be HTTP, but not everything needs to be on the Web 

Right, and when I said earlier I'd try to put a bit more balance into the 
paper that's in part what I had in mind.  There's a sense in which the Web 
Services initiative is targeting some things that are not and quite 
possibly should not be "on the Web".  It's also true IMO that there are 
some important opportunities being missed to integrate the two approaches: 
 I.e. to name resources with URIs, to use HTTP GET (possibly returning 
SOAP envelopes) for safe retrievals that don't require the higher 
qualities of service offered by the upper levels of the WS* stack 
(reliable delivery in the face of intermittent network failure, 
transactions running for several days, etc.) 

(and in a later note Elliotte wrote):

> "balance" is all too often a false ideal. Sometimes one point of 
> view is right and one is wrong. Facts should not be balanced by fiction.

Well, I'm not intending to play all sides just for the sake of being 
agreeable, but I am glad to try and paint a balanced view.  In any case, I 
think the whole value of a workshop like this is to get a respectful 
hearing for differing perspectives.  Even insofar as the TAG may have more 
detailed expertise and experience to share regarding Web and REST 
technologies, I know that we're interested in participating in the 
workshop as much to learn from others as to promote our own ideas.  From 
that perspective, I'm more interested in what our positions will be coming 
out of the workshop than going in.


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Received on Tuesday, 19 December 2006 21:57:00 UTC