Re: Registration of media type image/svg+xml

On Friday, December 16, 2005, 2:26:53 AM, MURATA wrote:

Chris>>    Optional parameters:
Chris>>           None
Chris>>           The encoding of an SVG document shall be determined by the
Chris>>           XML encoding declaration. This has identical semantics to the
Chris>>           application/xml media type in the case where the charset
Chris>>           parameter is omitted, as specified in RFC3023 sections
Chris>>           8.9, 8.10 and 8.11.

MM> The W3C TAG finding "Internet Media Type registration, consistency of use"
MM> says:
MM>         We recommend that section 7.1 of [RFC3023] be amended to
MM>         something like the following:

MM>         The use of the charset parameter, when the charset is reliably
MM>         known and agrees with the encoding declaration, is RECOMMENDED,
MM>         since this information can be used by non-XML processors to
MM>         determine authoritatively the charset of the XML MIME entity.

MM> Chris is behind this TAG finding, and I agree.

To clarify - I am not the sole or even primary author of that TAG
finding, but I stand behind it as an ex member of the TAG.

However, i am delighted to hear you say that you support the wording in
the TAG finding and support it's incorporation into RFC 3066 bis.

MM> Chris and I are co-editors for RFC 3023 bis.


Once we can have the language you quote above in RFC 3023bis, I
would be much happier with a charset parameter on image/svg+xml.

With RFC 3023 as it stands, however, it has all the problems that the
TAG finding notes regarding inconsistency of dual metadata; in
consequence it was felt safer to omit the parameter. As RFC 3066
carefully describes a consistent handling of +xml media types where a
charset is omitted, this was not felt to be a problem.

MM> So, why does thie media type omit the charset param? I think that it
MM> makes a lot of sense to do exactly what the W3C TAG finding says.

I think so too. If you could send me the XML  source of RFC 3066 bis,
then as co-editor I can add the text that you quoted above.

 Chris Lilley          
 Chair, W3C SVG Working Group
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