Re: speech grammar spec recommends xsi:schemaLocation [namespaceDocument-8, namespaceState-48]

Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> Dan Connolly writes:
>>to support it in the case of namespaces and schemas. I'm trying
>>to figure out _why_.
> I just had a minor 'ah-ha' here, combining Dan Connolly's helpful
> advice "Validate at trust boundaries" and a comment Michael Kay made
> in a thread over on xmlschema-dev:
>  "if it's for validation, then what's the point? As a document
>   recipient, I want the document to be valid against a schema of my
>   choice, not against any old schema that the sender happens to
>   choose."
> I'm not saying this excuses the attitude towards URIs for namespaces,
> but it provides a bit of insight into where it might be coming from.

As either a document recipient, creator, publisher or anything else I 
want the document to be valid against a shared schema deemed useful by 
all parties (whether explicitly, or through the schema being "well-known").

Making schemata publicly discoverable is a step in allowing the 
negotiation this entails.

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