Re: Registration of media type image/svg+xml

* Chris Lilley wrote:
>With RFC 3023 as it stands, however, it has all the problems that the
>TAG finding notes regarding inconsistency of dual metadata; in
>consequence it was felt safer to omit the parameter. As RFC 3066
>carefully describes a consistent handling of +xml media types where a
>charset is omitted, this was not felt to be a problem.

The idea of RFC 3023's +xml convention is that applications can consider
resources labeled with such types XML and process them in a generic way
even if the specific media type is not known to the application. This is
not guranteed if the rules for detecing the character encoding of image/
svg+xml resources are different from those for application/xml resources
or other non-text/* +xml types.

If you want to say that the charset parameter is better not used for
image/svg+xml resouces that's fine, defining or implying different
encoding detection requirements for image/svg+xml resouces than what
we have for application/xml is not, as that would make the types
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