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* Henry S. Thompson wrote:
>Precisely.  IRI-to-URI processing for XML is only coherently
>understood as a process that is defined in the terms provided by the
>Infoset spec., where _all_ values are sequences of Unicode code

Well, then you have this step,

  If the IRI is written on paper, read aloud, or otherwise represented
  as a sequence of characters independent of any character encoding,
  represent the IRI as a sequence of characters from the UCS normalized
  according to Normalization Form C (NFC, [UTR15]).

I.e., you always normalize. Could you elaborate on why e.g. the XML Core
Working Group did not adopt this step in the various specifications that
define string-to-URI conversion (XML 1.0, XML 1.1, XInclude, XLink, ..)?
The normalization step has been in the various IRI drafts for more than
7 years now and

  The XML Core WG would also like TAG input on the wisdom of early
  adoption given the "Internet Draft" status of the IRI draft [10]. So
  far adoption has relied on "copy and paste", but there is potential
  for these definitions to get out of sync.

out of sync specifications were a concern when the issue was raised.
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