Information resources?

The notion of "resources" and "information resources" is, from my
perspective, a compromise designed to allow two world views to achieve
consensus. Consensus is a good thing and I don't object to the notion
of "information resources" because they don't appear to do any harm. I
must admit, however, that it is not a distinction that I understand at
any intuitive level.

One of the problems that I have is, I don't know how to tell if
something's an information resource or not. And if I can't tell, I
don't understand the value of the distinction.

Here are some URIs. Which of these are information resources?

They're all 404 today, so you'll have to decide based on something
else. I've got representations for at least some of them. I wonder:

1. Will there be unanimity about which is which today?
2. Will there be unanimity after I make at least some of them return representations.
3. Will the answers we get in 1, 2, and 1&2 agree?

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