RE: Information resources?

So after much discussion, we are back to the beginning, that is, 
dereferencing a URI returns a document (aka, bits on the wire) 
or doesn't?

Something of an anti-climax.


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Sandro Hawke

> The way the document reads, an information resource is like a
> and a representation is like a frbr:manifestation.  If that's what
> then perhaps some references to those concepts would be good instead of "a
> thing that conveys information".  After all, President Bush conveys
> information but you obviously would not call him an information resource.
> - Chris

That doesn't seem quite right.  A represention is bytes, not something
physical, and I don't think a set of meteorological readings (which
should be an InformationResource) would count as an frbr:expression.

I'm all for some better text, however, so I proposed some this
afternoon.  [1].    I'll quote it here, since it seems rather
relevant, and this is the better list of public discussion.

I believe my text is in line with what TimBL is saying in this thread,
although I wrote it before reading his postings.

   An "Information Resource" is a collection of information
   potentially transmittable via a computer network.  Digital forms of
   creative works (such as documents and images) are Information
   Resources, while certain conceptual entities (such as numbers and
   RDF properties) are not.  This distinction is becoming useful as
   people develop ways to use URIs to identify things which are not
   Information Resources.

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