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|> In fact, I think this could be described as a syntactic 
|> understanding of the URI as opposed to any sort of semantic 
|> understanding.
| I know I'm pushing on this. This is where this issue intersects with
| httpRange-14 (words to the effect of http URI without fragments identify
| documents aka networked can't use that to name Dan's
| car...). I would really like both resolved in a consistent way. No peaking
| means just that... 

Yes, it would be nice to get httpRange14 sorted. I think this also has
bearing on abstractComponentRefs-37. One of the questions that has to
be addressed is whether or not a URI that's intended to identify
abstract components can in some sense be known to be more than just a
random URI.

| [RFC2368 mailto scheme]
|    "The mailto URL scheme is used to designate the Internet mailing
|    address of an individual or service."

So, in looking at this utterance and the others, I think I could apply
the principle of being conservative in what you send and liberal about
what you receive (I've forgotten the pithy name for that principle, if
it has one).

If you construct a mailto: URI, make sure it identifies an internet
mailing address. If you receive a mailto: URI, do not assume that it
identifies an internet mailing address.

I know that some folks want to make assertions about things based on
the scheme of the URI used to identify them (hence httpRange-14), but
I remain unconvinced that such axiomatic assertions are a good idea.

| ...and of course the infamous...
| [RFC2616 http scheme]
| "3.2.2 http URL
|    The "http" scheme is used to locate network resources via the HTTP
|    protocol."

You know, RFC2616 is about the http *protocol*. That protocol clearly
uses (syntactic) information that it derives from http: scheme URIs to
locate network resources.

It's hair splitting, I know, but one might argue that other
specifications are free to use http scheme URIs in other ways. For
example, to identify cars or people.

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