Re: draft: Useful Theories about URIs

On Monday, January 27, 2003, at 01:32  PM, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> Comments welcome, of course.  I suggest keeping them off this list but
> please do cc: so I can quote you.  I know, I'm
> walking a time-intensive line between a paper and a wiki, but it's the
> best I could come up with so far.
> [1]

There are few things in life that will piss me off more than quoting me 

  "[T]he definition of resource is vague.... The definition is in 2396" 

when what I actually said, as seen in the linked archive, is

  "The results will be ambiguous otherwise, and its not the other
   system's fault, and its not because the definition of resource
   is vague or tied to any one model.  The definition is in 2396" ...

which is the opposite of what Sandro implies I said.

There is nothing vague about the definition of resource.  What some
people complain about is that the definition is not restrictive enough
for their own project, but that is only because the restrictions they
desire are invalid given the domain of "resource" that might be
identified by a URI within IETF specifications.


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