Re: On subsetting XML...

At 17:44 2003 01 16 -0500, wrote:
>So, I'm not sure that the semantics of
>"ignoring what you don't understand" are
>as simple when you consider a system that
>manipulates content as it flows through
>the system.
>> The XMLP arguments for not wanting DTDs were
>> very convincing, the arguments on PIs entirely
>> unconvincing.  Just my opinion of course. -Tim
>I agree that it's not an entirely clear-cut call
>and that the case for no DTDs is more compelling.
>I just don't think the "no PI" call is so obviously
>evil as some seem to imply.  Allowing them would
>certainly add some complication to our processing

In what way can *always ignoring* the PIs be any
different from the case where you never have any?

That is, how can SOAP require an XML subset that 
forbids (i.e., does not include) PIs?


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