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/ was heard to say:
| <s:Envelope>
|   <s:Header>
|     <? AAA BBB CCC ?>
|     <n1:yourHeader1 role=intermed1">
|         ...
|     </n1:yourHeader1>
|     <? XXX YYY ZZZ ?>
|     <n2:yourHeader2 role=intermed2">
|         ...
|     </n2:yourHeader2>
|   </sHeader>
|   <s:Body>
|     <z:purchaseOrder>
|     </z:purchaseOrder
|   </s:Body>
| </s:Envelope>
| what do I do at an intermediary where the first header
| is processed?  The SOAP model says that when the
| message is received at intermed1, n1:yourHeader1 will
| be processed, and all things being equal that header
| will be removed before the message is relayed to
| intermed2.  Which, if any, of the PIs should be
| removed?  Note that if none are removed, the resulting
| message is:

It seems to me that if the PI target "AAA" was related to processing
'n1:yourHeader1' the processor for that header would have known about
it and could have removed it.

But SOAP forbids PIs in the header and that's fine by me.

I don't see, in theory, how the problem is really different from

    <n1:yourHeader1 role=intermed1">
    <n2:yourHeader2 role=intermed2">

But (obviously! :-) I haven't read the SOAP spec well enough to know
if that's covered or not.

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