RE: Architectural problems of the XInclude CR

The XML Core WG has resolved the remaining issues you raise as indicated
below.  If you disagree with these resolutions, please respond promptly
so we can present the issues as unresolved in our request for PR.  We
will assume that you agree with our resolutions if we don't hear from
you by Jan 24th - but would much prefer an explicit acknowledgement
(positive or negative) because of the importance of these issues and our
desire to make sure the Director is fully aware of any disagreement
surrounding them.

> Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 16:48:54 +0900
> From: "MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given)" <>
> To:
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> Subject: Architectural problems of the XInclude CR

>1) XInclude ignores the media type (and probably the charset
   parameter) associated with resources

The XML Core WG does not see a practical problem here, given that the
processing model of casting to XML, XML parsing, XPointer parsing, and
XPointer resolution provide three barriers to bad effects arising from
inconsistencies in the media types.  To rework this would represent a
large functionality loss and intrusive changes not warranted by
implementation feedback.

In addition, since this issue has been forwarded to the TAG, we feel the
issue can still be addressed in the Director's decision to move XInclude
to PR, if you disagree with our resolution.

> 2) XInclude uses text/xml rather than application/xml

We accept this comment and have made the change, as indicated in an
earlier reply to this thread.

> 3) XPointer is not a set of W3C recommendations yet

We accept this comment and plan to wait until XPointer becomes a
Recommendation before advancing XInclude to PR.

> 4) XInclude blesses XPointer as fragment identifiers of text/xml,
>    while RFC 3023 (XML media types) does not.

The XML Core WG does not feel holding up XInclude for this purpose is
warranted, as there are no candidates for XPointer fragment syntax at
this time other than the XPointer features we have identified in the

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