Re: two failings of XLink

On Friday, September 27, 2002, at 02:41 PM, Ann Navarro wrote:

>> OK, what would the HLink markup look like for the kind of longdesc 
>> example I proposed, with an arbitrary different number of languages, 
>> and maybe audio versions?  The more example-dense this discussion 
>> gets the more useful it gets, to me anyhow.
> I'll be happy to attempt to provide an acceptable example expressed in 
> HLink -- however, your question is really a larger one, applicable to 
> XLink as well -- how do you provide a group of choices for ANY 
> resources that could be represented in an arbitrary number of 
> languages and media formats. I don't think that's a situation that 
> only HLink must solve, no?

Well, at the moment I think that XLink does provide a usable solution 
for this.  I think it's an interesting use case that will be 
increasingly common in hypertext applications and I want to see how 
HLink deals with it.  I think others would be interested too. -Tim

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