RE: two failings of XLink

Hi Ann,

Ann said:
The HTML WG can't simplify our needs based on whether something like 
'longdesc' is or isn't typically used. It is a constraint placed on us
the WAI folks, which means it's a constraint placed on our acceptance of

linking solutions.

Didier replies:
Pardon my ignorance but in which ways the WAI folks impose to the HTML
WG to specify the <img> element (as a use case) as Tim mentioned using
an Xlink extended link. What are these constraints?

Ann said:
You don't want HLink? Fix XLink, we'll be happy to use it if we can meet

all OUR requirements when doing so, since we can't ignore or drop them

Didier replies:
Does fixing xlink mean that there are no way to redesign some XHTML
elements? In which ways the ones you already redesigned satisfy the WAI
criteria? Just curious to know the internal intricacies that lead to
this deadlock.

Didier PH Martin 

Received on Friday, 27 September 2002 17:03:43 UTC