Re: TAG Comments on XHTML 2.0 and HLink wrote:
> My perception is that your closing paragraph is likely significantly 
> exaggerated at least when applied to the majority of links to be created 
> by the majority of developers.
> Writing simple XLinks in SVG is pretty straightforward. If I want to 
> link to an external JavaScript/ECMAScript file I can write
> <svg:script xlink:href="myJavaScriptFile.js" type="text/javascript" />
> Similarly to create a straightforward link to, for example, a new SVG 
> Web page (cf I can simply write
> <svg:a xlink:href="" />
> Not too difficult to do with your eyes close ... I think I have probably 
> done it myself a few times. :)

Except you've missed the part about not relying on DTD or Schema to 
default the missing attributes, which I believe is a sane requirement.

The SVG DTD[1] shows much defaulting, which is a rather unpleasant 
approach to language design (but the fault is not on the SVG side). For 
one it burdens DOMs uselessly.


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