Re: About XLink discussion

At 08:28 AM 9/26/2002 -0700, Tim Bray wrote:

>Steven Pemberton wrote:
>>>In light of this conclusion, it is the unanimous opinion of the TAG
>>>that XLink should be used for hypertext references in XHTML 2.0.
>>It is not clear you have the authority to say that.
>We certainly have the right to our opinions; of course they may be wrong 
>:), which is why this mailing list exists.
>Although I wasn't authorized to do so, I think I can safely say, on behalf 
>of the TAG, that we realize that this is a controversial area and that 
>there's a lot of history.

[speaking as an individual, not as an editor of XHTML 2.0]

I believe you've done the community a grave disservice by issuing such a 
succinct message of "in a unanimous decision, XHTML should do "X", without 
any acknowledgement of such controversy and history. (I also would request 
that the minutes of this discussion be posted in full (no 'light editing' 
as to content) immediately.

As others have suggested, any positioning of the TAG's opinion as a 
potential binding decision upon W3C work, without having impacted groups 
represented in the debate and discussion, is in my opinion, W3C process run 


Ann Navarro
WebGeek, Inc. 

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