Re: About XLink discussion

Ann Navarro wrote:
> [speaking as an individual, not as an editor of XHTML 2.0]
> I believe you've done the community a grave disservice by issuing such a 
> succinct message of "in a unanimous decision, XHTML should do "X", 
> without any acknowledgement of such controversy and history. (I also 
> would request that the minutes of this discussion be posted in full (no 
> 'light editing' as to content) immediately.

Hi Ann,

I am editing the minutes as we speak. They will not be available
immediately since the TAG has asked to review them first; they
had already detected some bugs after the first day.

> As others have suggested, any positioning of the TAG's opinion as a 
> potential binding decision upon W3C work, without having impacted groups 
> represented in the debate and discussion, is in my opinion, W3C process 
> run amok.

Like TAG findings, this opinion from the TAG is not formally binding.

  - Ian


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