Re: Updated: issue qnameAsId-18

/ Elliotte Rusty Harold <> was heard to say:
| At 10:01 AM -0400 6/6/02, Norman Walsh wrote:
|>| Note that XML Schema uses qnames in attribute
|>| values, so the W3C has already sanctioned this.
|>Yes, and the finding sanctions it as well, provided that the attribute
|>in question contains only an xs:QName.
| What about the XSLT case? e.g.
| <xsl:apply-templates select =
| "child::Person/child::name:First[following-sibling::name:MI = 'M']" />

Given that XPath can't be "undone" at this point, there's no point
saying that the use of QNames in XPath is wrong.

I think the finding needs to say something about XPath explicitly, but
I haven't figured out what yet. Suggestions most gratefully accepted.

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