Re: Updated: issue qnameAsId-18

/ "Jonathan Borden" <> was heard to say:
| Regarding the qnameAsId issue, which is now water over the dam as XSLT/XPath
| has become widespread and successful, I would prefer incorporating language
| acknowledging XPath's use of qnames, which goes beyond xs:Qname, e.g.

Yes, I toyed with some wording on that score but couldn't write
anything with which I was happy. I should try again.

| "Use of QNames within attribute content may be signalled by a regular
| expression defined type such as [ex:QNameTokens]. When used in this fashion,
| an implicit or explicit namespace context must exist within which namespace
| prefixes are bound to namespace URIs. "

I don't see how this text covers XPath. I don't think XPath
expressions can be described by any meaningful regular expression.

| Ideally the regular expression which is used to define a QName containing
| string would have been defined by XML Schema as a builtin type, but this
| issue wasn't apparently apparent at the time :-/

I am tempted to suggested adding an XPath data type. I'm not at all
comfortable with the monolithic nature of data types in XML Schema, so
I'm not sure I want to suggest it there. But there's probably no where

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