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>Misha Wolf writes:
> >> Reasons to be careful include that the decisions taken on these
> >> -  will be with us for a long time :-)
> >> -  will affect URI matching in XML Namespaces
> >> -  will affect URI matching in RDF
>That bit about namespace matching makes me nervous.  Last time
>namespace matching came up I think we generated 3000+ emails,
>and only barely eked out consensus.
>Seriously: I think we should approach changes to namespace
>matching with great trepidation, if at all.

As far as I know, namespace matching is done 'character-by-character',
i.e. '', '', and
'' are all considered as different namespaces.

This was the main reason why I was so careful to not press more
directly for what Tim Bray called the 'obviously correct' solution.

>As an implementor, I
>can confirm that namespaces are already a very serious impediment
>to truly high performance XML processing.  Any further changes
>(or even clarifications) to matching rules should be evaluated
>with great care.  The performance considerations for namespace
>matching (and perhaps for RDF as well) are not necessarily the
>same as when URIs are used for resource retrievals.

I think that for RDF, the main consideration is that it is
based on namespaces, so it doesn't want to do anything
different from namespaces.

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