PROPFIND disconnected from GET space? [whenToUseGet-7]

Was somebody around here saying that
all "gimme some info" requests must use
GET, else another information space is

I just had that experience the other day...

I was trying to move some files across platforms;
the client didn't grok NFS nor scp; a SMB server was
more installation hassle than I was interested
in; for one reason or another, I ended up
installing a little WEBDAV server implemented
in python. It worked great for copying a CD-ROM
across platforms.

Umm... then I instinctively pointed an
ordinary web browser at the server:


expecting to see the root of the CD-ROM

No joy. The python WEBDAV server didn't
bother to service GET requests on directories;
well... it gave an empty plaintext file or
something; if you
want to list the files, you use PROPFIND.

The feeling of parallel universes was
very tangible.

I don't have any suggestions for changing
stuff; I just wanted to relate the story
in case we end up with a section
in the architecture document about the
importance of a unified information space.

Hmm... maybe this is relevant to

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Sunday, 17 February 2002 22:56:24 UTC