RE: uri-comp draft necessary?

If you believe this then I assume this means there will also be a
URL-comp draft issued shortly thereafter? 

Your document is very important for several reasons from being a handy
listing of URI comparison mechanisms for implementers to showing the
folly of URIs in a succint manner. Stopping work on the document is
simply sweeping the problem under the table. It would be difficult to
keep a straight face if the W3C TAG issued a document saying that and HTTP://

were not equivalent then watching how that reacted with the notion that
namespace URIs should be dereferencable[0]. 


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> Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 5:30 PM
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> At several points during yesterday's TAG call, Dan claimed 
> repeatedly that URIs a and b are equivalent if 
> (strcmp(a,b)==0) equal, otherwise not, end of story.  If we 
> believe this, we can discard the uri-comp draft entirely 
> right now and I won't put any more work into editing it. 
>   Do we believe this? -Tim

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