Re: uri-comp draft necessary?

Miles Sabin wrote:

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> Right, but this document uses five distinct namespaces,
> This is a problem if you expect to be able to use namespace identifiers
> to retrieve namespace documents. On retrieval RFC 2396/deployed network
> infrastructure equivalences are in play, so if you don't want the
> namespace documents of distinct namespaces to collide, you have to
> choose your namespace identifiers so that as well as being non-
> equivalent wrt the Namespaces REC, they're also non-equivalent wrt RFC
> 2396/deployed network infrastructure.

How is this difficult?

> I would assume that if the TAG decides to endorse namespace documents of
> some sort it would have to recommend that restricted choice of
> namespace identifier as a best practice.

Whether the TAG says it or not, choosing names that are non-equivalent 
by network infrastructure rules is merely common sense and I've never 
heard of a violation of that rule.

As far as "/" vs. "/default.asp", I'm 99% sure that IIS lets me take 
more fine grained control of that default equivalence if I need to do 
so. If I've been silly enough to deploy those two namespace URIs, I am 
probably not will just take a little bit more effort to 
disambiguate them.

  Paul Prescod

Received on Wednesday, 18 December 2002 21:14:34 UTC