Re: Posted draft of URI comparison finding

On Friday, November 29, 2002, 5:28:06 PM, Richard wrote:

RT> When I said in my previous message:

RT>   The current namespace draft states that in a namespace declaration,
RT>   the IRI reference is the normalized value of the attribute.

RT> I should have made it clear that I meant the current working group
RT> draft, not the published last-call draft.  I posted the relevant parts
RT> in:


Thanks for the pointer.

RT> (The non-ascii characters are messed up in the archive of course.)

<rant subject="mime charset parameter considered harmful">
Not necessarily 'of course' - see for example
where the non-ascii characters are correct.

But yes, that only happens if the mail is encoded in iso-8859-1,
because our list server blindly assumes that all html is in 8859-1 and
sends out damaging and frequently incorrect charset parameters.

Which it has to do because of the silly rules on text/* media types
where the charset parameter is omittted.

application/xhtml+xml will fix that, unless they add a charset
parameter to that, too, instead of using the xml encoding declaration
as the single and unique source of encoding information.


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