Re: Posted draft of URI comparison finding

I think the sentence "Put another way, it is often possible to 
determine that two URIs are the same, but it is in general never 
possible to be sure that they are different." is incorrect, and 
should be deleted. The previous sentence, "comparisons of two URIs 
can establish with confidence that they are equivalent and identify 
the same resource" is correct. However, just because two URIs 
identify the same resource does not imply they are the same URI.

Under URI schemes, the word "prefix" is not in keeping with RFC 2396 
terminology. 2396 uses the word "prefix" only twice, and in both 
cases it clearly means something different than you mean here. I 
believe the correct term is "scheme name". or just "scheme".

In "Comparison of Relative URI References" the claim is made that URI 
references can be relative and URIs cannot be. I've heard this 
before, but I don't think RFC 2396 actually states this. My reading 
of 2396 is that relative things are indeed URIs (and also URI 
references). The authors of 2396 may have intended that all URIs be 
absolute. However, they failed to put such language into the spec.

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