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> Hi there,
>>> As the author of many, many, RDF-in-XHTML proposals,
>> Do you have any particular favorites you could point me at.
> Sure. The following two are my favourites, making use of (i.e. extending
> the woefully inadequate) existing XHTML metadata constructs:-
> - Interpreting <link> and <meta> as RDF
> (that approach in action:

This is, though, not RDF in XHTML really, but just a mapping
of XHTML meta and link to RDF, which is not the same thing. And
then one must employ the transformation every time, rather than
just pass the XHTML instance to an RDF parser capable of extracting
embedded RDF (which most do very well).

> - Augmented Metadata in XHTML (this was actually Murray's work, by and
> large)

[broken link... any alternates?]

> I've also taken other approaches, such as adding Dublin Core to XHTML with
> modularization, and I have an as-yet unpublished article which outlines a
> slightly more radical approach for encoding metadata in document formats.
> There was also a huge thread about the RDF-in-XHTML topic on
> www-rdf-interest:-
> - Threads From RDF IG, April 2001
> For as long as there has been RDF, there have been people wanting to embed
> it in HTML!

Some interesting discussion there. Both explicit embedding of RDF
and validation are clear concerns, but both can be addressed I
think, with a little teamwork between the XHTML and RDF WGs.

>>> I smell a hack.
>> ... or maybe just unwarranted optimism about the ease with
>> which XML vocabularies can be mixed ;-).

I was neither suggesting a hack nor arbitrary mixing of vocabularies
with full validation (however that might be achieved).

I was suggesting a "marriage of convenience" between XHTML and RDF
such that RDF would have an official place in the XHTML header. After
all, both RDF and XHTML are W3C recs, and both are foundational
components of the Web and Semantic Web that should work together
well, if not seamlessly. Why not allow them to coexist in the same

Just <include> the RDF XML schema in the XHTML XML schema and you
can achieve full validation.


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