Re: [namespaceDocument-8] RDF and RDDL

On 2002-04-08 13:44, "ext Sean B. Palmer" <> wrote:

>> Thus, putting the RDF in the XHTML header seems the
>> optimal way to go.
> As the author of many, many, RDF-in-XHTML proposals, I submit
> that this apporach is distasteful because it makes validation
> basically impossible. ...
> ... so changes may need to be made
> to the XHTML specification.


I was actually thinking along the lines of evolving the XHTML
spec to allow RDF in the header officially ;-)

Of course, any kind of embedding of RDF in XHTML will require changes
to the XHTML schema if you want to validate the instance, so I
don't see how this can be avoided. Putting the RDF in the header
seems a rather simple tweak and keeps avoids any confusion regarding
whether RDF interleaved with XHTML content in the body needs to
be displayed in some fashion.



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