RE: [namespaceDocument-8] RDF and RDDL

Hi Tim,

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> The point I keep trying to make is that the properties like
> "nature", "purpsoe", and "description", are properties <emph>of
> the related resource</emph>, not of the namespace or of the RDDL
> or of the directory entry.  T

Reset... I had misunderstood something you said in an earlier discussion.
What you proposed in [1] (now) seems to me a straightforward and natural way
to encode RDDL information in RDF.



> >This is of course just a variant of whether names a
> >namespace or a namespace document.
> It names a namespace.  That's not in question.  If dereferencing
> the resource returns a namespace document, that's a good and
> useful optional extra. -Tim

Ok... i just have to keep reminding myself that a namespace document is just
a representation of a namespace and that it has no separate identity of its



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