RE: TAG seeks input re www-tag

> From: Tim Bray []


> So, we solicit input on how to handle this.  Here are some 
> options:
> - Become ruthless and enforce a rule that all postings must
>   contain an issue number in the subject line or have a 
>   subject line that says "New Issue Proposal for TAG"
> - Try to restrict discussion to those issues that the TAG
>   plans to discuss at its next meeting - we'd have to publish
>   our agendas well in advance, but we think we can do that.
>   This model worked pretty well in the old XML IG.
> - Drastically restrict posting rights to www-tag; either 
>   to TAG members or to Invited Experts or by some other
>   criterion.

I've been quietly lurking so as not to add to the noise level.

I'd lean heavily toward #1. I'd be comfortable with #2 as a compromise so
long as there is a mechanism for people to raise new issues, and not be
solely restricted to those the TAG has decided in advance are up for

I'd be very discouraged to see #3 adopted without giving #1 (or #2) a chance
with admonishments to people to comply.

Received on Monday, 1 April 2002 16:34:27 UTC