RE: Proposal: <star> element

Well, I like it!


It gives the basic stars as defined graph theoretically. (and used in [1]).
I gave a talk to the math dept at William College on these things in 1991 or
1992 and was somewhat left agog when Frank Morgan (of bubble cluster
notoriety) remarked "oh so the stars are equivalent to the rational
numbers!) He was right, of course, and I felt silly for not realizing it


Varying the interior diameter and making n-gons would seem to be achievable
through a single parameter.


I pose the question:


Suppose we take an 11/4 star (11 and 4 being relatively prime) and we allow
a bit of randomness in the cross-connectors. Is it still a star?


Whatever SVG does in this arena will be an improvement, but n-gons and
sunbursts (ala Doug Schepers' examples) seem to be worth doing in the same
swell foop! The syntax of these stars is pretty easy to grasp, I can report,
based on my decades of experimentation with undergrads!






From: Paul LeBeau [] 
Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2014 11:58 AM
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Subject: Proposal: <star> element


Hi all


I've put together a humble little proposal for a new class of shapes - the
"star polygon".


Adding support for star polygons would allow the author to easily produce
not only the regular polygons (pentagon, hexagon, etc) but also the related
star shapes.


My draft definition for a new <star> element can be found here:


I've also created a polyfill script which can be used if you want to have a
play with the shapes.

The script works in Chrome.  I haven't tried getting it working in other


The script is here:


See for an example of an SVG that
uses the script.







PS. Just discovered that there was a similar proposal from Doug Schepers
back in 2005.


I can't find what, if anything, became of it though.



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