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On Mon, 07 Jun 2010 15:47:50 +0200, Boris Zbarsky <> wrote:

> On 6/7/10 7:01 AM, Erik Dahlstrom wrote:
>> On Thu, 03 Jun 2010 04:31:51 +0200, Boris Zbarsky <>  
>> wrote:
>>> Not quite. They support a subset (or rather multiple incompatible
>>> subsets) of SVG Fonts.
>> In my experience what's defined in SVG Tiny 1.2 for SVG Fonts is quite
>> interoperable.
> And the UAs in question support nothing outside SVG Tiny 1.2?

Speaking for Opera I know of only one thing, the 'vkern' element. My guess  
is that that works in Batik too, but I haven't tested.

>> And of course there are more implementations that support
>> SVG Fonts, e.g Inkscape, Illustrator and various other tools.
> Same question.

I'm sure there's documentation available at least for the Adobe products,  
and freely available sourcecode for the Inkscape and Batik projects.

>> Basically I don't think there's ground for the statement about "multiple
>> incompatible subsets".
> There sure was last time I tested this stuff; perhaps implementations  
> have changed since then (narrowed down the scope of what they implement,  
> or converged on the cases they disagreed on that are outside Tiny 1.2)?
> I'll accept the claim that SVG Tiny 1.2 SVG Fonts are interoperably  
> implemented in multiple UAs.  But the discussion was about SVG 1.1 SVG  
> Fonts.

Fair enough, and SVG 1.2T fonts are a subset of SVG 1.1 fonts so I could  
just as well have called them SVG 1.1 fonts. I just find it slightly more  
descriptive to refer to them as SVG Tiny 1.2 fonts.

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