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SVGt 1.2 Tests: Question about default value of <font-face> font-style

From: Kalle Raita <kraita@nvidia.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 15:35:38 +0100
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Hi All,
The specification gives 'all' as the default value of <font-face>
 "If the attribute is not specified, the effect is as if a value of
"all" were specified."

For the font-style property, i.e. what is applicable for <text>,
<tspan>, and <textarea>, the default value is 'normal'

Looking at the italic texts in the conformance tests, it seems that at
least tests:
seem to work better it is assumed that the default value for <font-face>
font-style is also 'normal'.

On the other hand, at least test text-intro-201-t, based on the
reference image, seems to assume that
the default value of <font-face> font-style is 'all' as specified.  

If we have understood the spec correctly, then:

a) If the default value 'all' is correct and <font-face> 
does not specify style, then glyphs specified in that font 
will be used for all styles of that font as is. Meaning 
that requesting italic for that font X will give the 
exactly same glyphs as requesting normal. 

b) If 'normal' is the default, the user agent will look 
further for italic variant. If none is found, the user 
agent has the option of synthezising oblique glyphs to 
use in place of italic.

Option a) is what the spec says, but the conformance tests are pointing 
to option b). Are the conformance test faulty?

  - Kalle Raita

Kalle Raita 
NVIDIA Corporation 
Tel. +358 40 723 1441 
http://eu.nvidia.com <http://eu.nvidia.com/>  

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